Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eva's 2nd Birthday

Little Miss Eva turned two in March and she celebrated with a fabulous classic Minnie Mouse Party. I went a little crazy with tons of homemade decor (because of course you can not find any classic Minnie Mouse party items). I loved decorating for this party, when I was a little girl my mom gave me a Minnie Mouse themed party. It was fun to do this for my daughter.
(Homemade banner)

(A shoot of all the party girls)

(Ignore the awful shot of me and admire that buttercream beauty that cramped my hand for the rest of the day)

(Eva in her birthday outfit)


tharker said...

I cannot believe she is 2 already!

Her birthday party looks like it was so much fun! My Eva loves Minnie Mouse also. I might just have to steal this idea for her 2nd birthday ;)

That cake looks amazing! Great job!!

CatherineWO said...

Oh, I LOVE Minnie Mouse. And of course, Eva too!