Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jack's Birthday

This is a story of a boy, a boy named Jack. This boy loved two things, Cars and dilly bars. This boys mom only new one way to celebrate this boys big day.... two combine his two favorite things.
(I hand painted a car for each birthday guest,
the cars included lightning McQueen, Ramone,
Tow Mater, Luigi, The King and Snot Rod)

(the birthday boy enjoying a red dilly bar)

(The boys were invited to a drive in movie for the party)


tharker said...

Love the hand painted cars! You are one awesome mama, Sara.

CatherineWO said...

I second the "awesome mama". And you just gotta love little boys, don't ya?

ks said...

that was so so very cute. I saw this a while ago but revisited it today & had to comment. what a cute idea! I'm sure they had a blast

The Titus Adventure said...

Morgan and I were talking about cool kids birthday parties and things and I remembered your post and your awesome hand painted cars! So I came back to show Morgan. You are pretty cool! And the cars are too. :)