Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack

Dear Jack,

It is your day! Happy Fourth Birthday!
You have been my blue eyed boy from day one. I remember your arrival into this big big world, so swift and so quick. You came fast and have been doing it your way sense then.
I love seeing you smile and they way that you find joy in every little thing. I hope you remain so full of joy as you grow and develop. Your a little smarty pants. You always bring laughter to mommys day and I thank you for that. Your a cook, a builder, a teaser, a dancer, a laugher, and a real big boy.
I never imagined how I would love to see you play with your brother and sister, how I would love to watch you learn and discover. Your always finding a way to be just who you want to be. Jack your special and there is no one like you. I love you and am so thrilled that your my boy.


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CatherineWO said...

Jack really is a very special kid, so full of life. Missing you all.