Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spencer Family Christmas Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been quite a year for the Spencer family. The crowning event of the year was when little Eva Lyn was born on March 16th. She started off like all little kids do, looking like an old potato that sleeps 23 hours a day. She has grown into a fun and spunky little girl who is crawling all over the place. Her favorite things are smiling (which she does a lot of), pulling books of the shelf, playing with her brothers, and eating everything in sight. Our family needed some extra femininity, with three boys already running the house (John included).
George has been doing wonderfully in his preschool. He loves riding the “Yellow Bus” to school (although he loves the “White bus” (city bus) more). He can count to over twenty, recite the ABCs, identify colors, and recognize patterns. He is still on par for being the first toddler to break the 4-minute mile. He loves to sing, dance, and play the keyboard. He still is obsessed with trains (especially Thomas). George, much to the delight of John, is an avid Star Wars fan.
Jack is talking up a storm. He refuses to give up his binky and yet he wants to speak all of the time. So most of the time when he is around he has a binky in his hand and is telling us about something. His favorite past times are snuggling, rubbing hair, wrestling, and playing lightsabers with George. Jack has become a bit of a “boss”, taking control of the household. Jack, much to the delight of John, is an avid “He-man and the Masters of the Universe” fan.
Sara has accomplished a lot this year. All of the activities of the children are arranged and supervised by her. She is active in her calling at church, and still serves as the Enrichment committee chairwoman. Sara spends a lot of her time creating new relationships, and nurturing old relationships. Sara has increased her culinary knowledge as the house has become vegetarian and vegan friendly and is mastering the art of tofu. Sara has spent much of her spare time (with what little she has) engaged in good causes, such as environmentalism, natural birthing, and attached parenting (breastfeeding). She was a model for an art project involving public breastfeeding.
John started teaching piano lessons during the summer time, and now has five active students. He also was released from the greatest calling in the church (Primary Pianist) and called to the Ward Organist (which is still a good calling). He continues to compose, although with lack of time was only able to complete one song, a rag for little Eva. He is now writing five variations on Handel's Saraband for Organ and Piano. He has become an active animal rights advocate and vegetarian. In the left over quiet minutes between kids, work, teaching, and practice, John has started creating plastic models.
The Spencer family has spent a lot of the year traveling. We haven't taken a “vacation”, but have taken many day and weekend trips. In July we went to Snoqualamie Falls to a festival called “A Day Out with Thomas”, where we rode a train to the falls. It wasn't just any train though, Thomas the Tank Engine was pushing and pulling us! In June we took a weekend and went to the Portland zoo (and Powell's books!) with Grandma. In September we went to Helena, Montana to visit our good friends (and adopted second-set-of-parents) Randl and Cathy Ockey. In October, Sara and Eva went for a “girls' weekend” to Seattle. In November, we went down to Provo to John's brother's home for Thanksgiving. After over 62 hours in the car with 3 small children (over four trips), we can now survive anything!

Although life has been busy, it has been a wonderful year. We love you all, and Merry Christmas!

With Love,

Eva, Jack, George, Sara, and John Spencer


Shayla said...

Hope you had a great Christmas, Sara! Sounds like you had a good year all around. :-) Miss seeing you, when are you coming back to good ol' Pasco?

Karen said...

Yes, with that travel history you can survive anything. :) :) That's how I felt after doing the Salem to Provo drive three times this summer! Glad you had a good year overall and I hope 2010 is wonderful for you.