Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Better Late then Never

Christmas in a nut shell: (A little late I know)

The holidays always seem so rushed but this year, I tried to take each day and make it fun and special. We spent some time with family, friends and the great outdoors. I loved seeing the magic of Christmas in my boys eyes. George really grasped the whole deal this year, he loved waiting for santa, as well as singing "O Christmas Tree" his very favorite Christmas song. Jack loved the lights and the baking and treats. Eva loved the ornaments and the wrapping paper.
John and I loved the big gifts we got for eachother and the quiet nights spent watching movies and snuggling under the tree.


PRP said...

Nothing beats Christmastime with little kids around.

Shaela said...

Good memories. And judging from your Christmas letter, it was a nice end to a very busy year!! :) miss ya