Thursday, February 21, 2008

Countdown to the Oscars

"And the Oscar goes to......."

3 Days and counting until the Oscars and I am all a buzz. I know, I know but I really love watching the Oscars, I could do with out the 4-5 hour show but the preshow, the red carpet, the speeches, the dresses and the stars make this night one of my favorite things.
Ever since I was little I can remember staying up late and watching this show with my Mom and Grandmother, or my sister or sister-in law. Celebrities fascinate me, yes they are self centered, unrealistic and a little brass but there celebrities. I love the fashion and the style that the bring to me "Target" filled world. I would love to be dressed and pampered for just one night to walk that lovely scarlet carpet and have thousands of flashes blur my vision. Oh wait, actually not really. I would much rather have my life and just admire them from a far.
The Oscars to me are still "Old Hollywood" glamor. The first Oscars was held on May 16. 1929 and the tickets cost just $5. Wow, and to think people scalp bleacher seat tickets for hundreds.
I am so excited to watch Steve Carel, Tom Hanks, Dr. McDreamy and Harrison Ford present awards. The anticipation to see what Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz as well as Ellen Page are wearing is just so fun. Well, enough about the show...... let me just finish by saying I heart Oscars.

Were will you be on February 24 at 5pm? I know where I will be.


Shayla said...

Wow, you sound a whole lot like someone else I know...Alicia. Every time I see a commercial for the Oscars I think of I'll think of you, too. :-)

meohmyers said...

Funny, Shayla, I was thinking the same exact thing! I've had Alicia on my mind for days now with every Oscar commercial that I see. Now I'll think of you, too, Sara!

Movie Queen said...

Sara, I had no idea! I suddenly feel a deep kind of bond with you! Reading this post was kind of freaky, I totally could have written it. I wanted to cry when I read the last sentence though, "Where will you be at 5:00 on Sunday?" Because, hmmm, let's see, I get out of church at 4:00, then straight to family dinner, then straight to a song practice at 6:30 til probably at least 8:00. I CANNOT STAND watching the Oscars not's old news by then!

Jan said...

Maybe I'll change my plans and watch alittle glamour.

PRP said...

I don't get out of church until 5:30, but that thing will be TiVo'd and playing the minute I get home. I too love every second and always enjoy the show.

Can't wait!