Friday, February 22, 2008

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Throughout my teen to adult life I have had a weird and rather funny obsession, cowboys. Actually this obsession encompasses more then just cowboys, it includes anything western, (rodeos, bandannas, jean material, roosters, horses, lasso's, cowboy hats, spurs etc... etc.... etc....
When I was a teen instead of the "A" typical teens room (boy band posters, fun girly stuff, whatever) my room was decorated in red bandanna, jean material and a cow print comforter as well as the overall theme being cowgirl. You may ask, "Was she born in Texas, is her family ranchers, does she own horses," no and no and nope. I just for some reason have this rancher blood in me.
I dreamt that I would marry a rancher/cowboy, we would have horses and a big open ranch, we would raise cattle and I would have a house full of wrangler wearing boys.
Present day reality leaves me a little farther from this dream, but living a dream none the less. John is a computer scientist and is a tri-athlete. I live in suburbia paradise and have a dog and a small garden. I do however have two adorable boys and occasionally they wear wrangler khaki pants.
My love of all things western and cowboy did not die with age. George has become my cowboy. His nursery was decorated in all things cowboy and western (it was featured in a special "home and garden section of the tri-city herald). We have two horses (stuffed and rocking) a vast open range (a picture book of farms) I have cattle grazing (cow print hand made quilt).
When ever I need a western/ranch fix I just go into George's room and pretend I am riding the open range. I still love the idea of ranch life, however I know that life would be more work than I care to imagine and well I am just no ranch hand.


Kate said...

That was a great post! I wish I could write like that! Also, in another one of your posts....I think I am just as excited for the Oscars as you, 2 days! :)

Sara said...

Kate ~~Thanks for that wonderful comment kate, I am so glad you found my blog. It is so fun to see your cakes and family and your super delicious recipes. We need to get together and swap recipes.

Jan said...