Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ok, so I was tagged by Megan, here goes!

1.} 10 years ago..... Yes in 1998 I was 13 years old and was ending my years of terrible and tragically horrible Middle School. I lived on Camano Island, Wa and was just an awkward teenager.

2.}5 things on my to do list today.
Sweep Upstairs, Make Relief Society Reminder Calls, Work on FHE swap, Get my hair cut and fold clothes

3.}My favorite Snacks.
Any type of fresh fruit, Ice Cream and of course popcorn.

4.} Three bad habits.
Expecting a totally clean house with two small boys in tow. Nagging John to death and letting clothes get wrinkly in the Dryer.

5.}If I was suddenly a billionaire.
Pay off car, Pay off House go on a really nice vacation and redo kitchen.

6.} Places that I have lived.

Glendora, California
Camano Island, Washington
Pasco, Washington
Richland, Washington

7.} Jobs that I have had.
Old Navy worker, DQ girl, Preschool Teacher, Day Care Worker

8.}Things people don't know about me.
I am very self conscious of my whole self. I love to write anything and everything. I really like sci-fi movies. I have never been to the east coast or rather I have never been farther then Utah. My dad worked on Disneyland and I have been there over 30 times.

I tag Shanell, Shayla and Katie


Jan said...

Lucky you on Disney Land. I have never been. You must have had a fun childhood for sure. Husbands need to be nagged sometimes.

debsters said...

I used to live in Southern Cal. and thought I'd been to Disneyland a lot. You have me beat, I'm sure.

Lindsay said...

You were 13 years old! I suddenly feel really old.

How fun to go to Disneyland all those times. I love going to Disneyland!

I enjoyed learning more about you!

Megan said...

I too feel old, as you saw, 10 years ago I was teaching school. So fun to learn more about you. Yeah for Disneyland!!!

Movie Queen said...

13!!!! I knew you were young, but, wow! I too have never been furthur East than Utah. Depressing, huh?

Shayla said...

At least your clothes make it to the dryer! Mine usually start going moldy in the washer before I remember them...sigh. Thanks for the tag, I'll have to starting thinking.

Sara said...

Yes, Disneyland is perfect and wonderful and amazing. I love that place it is literally the "Happiest Place on Earth". Oh, and yes, I am only 23 and will turn 24 in September, 19 when I got married, 20 when I got pregnant with George and John and I bought our house in Pasco, 21 when I delivered George, 21 when I became pregnant with Jack, 22 when I had Jack and 23 now and living in house number two in Richland.