Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Most embarrassing moment ever!

Today would have to go under the header of one of my more embarrassing moments. I was at Walmart (were else would I be) I had to run out and get a few things and I had both boys with me. Jack has been sick so I was trying to scramble and just be in and out. Well, after about 45 minutes of shopping I headed towards the check out line. I was just about to put my items up on the conveyor belt when I looked at George who was leaning over the front of the cart, I thought to myself he is going to fall out of the cart and just as the thought ran through my mind he did. Lucky for me no one was around to help :) right! So I scoped him up to examine him and to sooth his cries when I noticed a Huge bump on his forehead, I ran to the cashier and asked if I could use her phone so I could call John and get his opinion on the situation, I was freaking out. The lady takes one look at George and tells me I have to go to customer service and fill a report out. So I manage to take the cart with one hand and hold George with the other and arrive at customer service in shambles. At this point several "Personal" come running over and the "risk/ incident management team members" come over they look at George and just keep repeating
"that looks really bad,
do you want us to call an ambulance!"

I reassure them that we won't be needing an ambulance but this of course gets me more worried and upset, so I start examining George more closely and I start to realize that I am going to pass out. (This is not abnormal for me I have a low tolerance for accidents and emergency situations) so I tell the workers that I need to lie down. I then lie in the middle of the floor in the customer service department and one of the "personal" workers takes George and he starts screaming bloody murder. Again I here,
"we need an ambulance" I say "no I will be just fine."

After 5-6 minutes of the usual coherence question they allow me to sit up and hold George. I then fill out an incident report and was free to leave. This whole thing lasting about 30 minutes.
Needless to say, I was not so keen on passing out in Walmart in the return line where several people were watching and then having my son scream the store down and me on my back on the floor like and idiot. George is fine and so am I, but I must be the lamest mother in the world for passing out in Walmart after my two year old gets hurt, I should have been helping him! Well, so much for mother of the year award.


Heather said...

Oh Sara, that is hilarious! I'm sorry it happened but glad you were confident enough to share your misery with the rest of us.

Shayla said...

Sara, that really, really stinks. I thought I was the only one who passes out in high stress, upsetting situations. Seriously, I'm the queen of getting light-headed and almost passing out. I have to be really careful not to think about it too much or I'll make it happen. I have learned to calm my thoughts whenever I think I'm about to, or I need a place to lie down quick too. I'm sorry that happened to you, and I'm really sorry they made you fill out paperwork after it was all said and done with!

Movie Queen said...

Oh my goodness, that is awful! I am so sorry! I have to say it really ticks me off that their first priority was for you to fill out an accident report, to cover their bases, instead of making sure George was getting the medical attention he needed.
I am just picturing you on the floor, everyone freaking out around you! But it does make for a great story!

Jennica said...

Okay, seriously, that is too funny. Not that George was hurt but just the whole situation and you poor lady. How did it all turn out? did you have to go in? Oh man, that would just suck! To make you feel better though, Spencer fell out of the cart once, but he landed really well, did a flip actually and just scared the tar out of himself. Kind of funny now though. Hang in there lady, that's a fun story for George when he's older.

Megan said...


Sam fell down some wood stairs over Christmas and had a similar event. He quit crying quickly, but then a large, pointy black lump poked out between his eyes! I was holding him and had to sit down because I thought I was going to pass out. I was ready to run to the ER but thankfully, KC keeps a cool head and talked me through it all. Sam did have a well check the next day and it was fun to explain that lump!

George said...

That must have been really embarrassing! ;)

Lindsay said...

How awful, but funny! Thanks for sharing!

The Stevens: said...

OH my gosh, how embarrassing:) I would have been mortified:) Glad everyone is okay:)

Wendy Christensen said...

Sara - I laughed out loud about your embarrassing moment. I couldn't help it! Your story was so real, so honest, so funny and I am truly glad everything worked out. Life sometimes hands us the most crazy things to deal with ... :) Cheers to Walmart and their ever so friendly staff. I can't believe they had you fill out a report - while your son was screaming. THAT is out of control.