Friday, January 18, 2008

Interview with a two year old

The following is my official interview of George:
  1. Name: George Thomas Spencer
  2. Age: 2years 4months
  3. Mother, Mommy, Mama: Mommy
  4. Father, Dad, Daddy, Pa Pa: Daddy
  5. Siblings: "Jack Jack"
  6. Favorite Food: Cereal and Hot dogs
  7. All time Favorite Movie: A tie between Curious George and Cars
  8. TV show: Curious George PBS or Wheel of Fortune
  9. Best Buddy: Ethan
  10. Blanket or stuff animal: Blanket
  11. Juice or Milk: Milk
  12. Favorite thing to color on: Place mats and myself
  13. Playdough or Clay: Playdough
  14. Favorite Toy: Hot wheels
  15. Nickname: Pudge
  16. Favorite Book: Smiley Shark
  17. What do you want to be when you are big: Drive a Car
  18. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter: Spring
  19. Most memorable moment: Bringing Jack Jack home
  20. Can't live with out: My family
George is such a wonderful little boy. He brightens my day and is always keeping me busy. I can't wait to see what he will do next. Mommy Loves You Mr. Man !


Jennica said...

love the interview. george sounds lit a very intelligent little man. also, loved looking at the pictures of your house. did you take any pix of before the remodeling?

Megan said...

love what you did to your house! I can't believe you did it all while chasing after two kids . . .I'm glad I stopped by your blog, this will be a good way to keep in touch. It was fun talking to you last week.

Shayla said...

What a fun idea! I love to hear the nicknames that people give to their kids, "pudge" is too cute.

Movie Queen said...

So cute. This post needs to be scrapbooked!

Sara said...

I found this idea on another blog and thought it would be super cute! I love thinking about what George must be thinking, anyway just a silly mom for ya!

Danna said...

I absolutely adore that boy. He makes a great son and a great nephew :)