Monday, June 6, 2011

Preschool Graduation

(Jack after receiving his diploma)

(Teacher Teddy and Teacher Felicia)

Preschool Interview:

What was your favorite thing to do at preschool? Play on the playground

Best Friend at School? Tyler

Favorite song to sing? Animal Actions

Best moments of preschool? Fire Truck Day, mothers day tea, pj day and when I was star of the week

Jack loved going to "gate" school as he called it. He learned so much! He loved singing and music most of all. Teacher Felicia and Teacher Teddy made his first year so special, he can't wait to be in Teacher Sue's class (aka Grandma) next year.


CatherineWO said...

Wow. He is growing up so much. What a sweet boy.

Megan said...

it's good to see pics of your babies. they are growing so...
oh, scarlett's thighs, they are the best!!!