Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Green Summer Must Haves

My list of summer must have with a little green twist:

1. Deodorant: I know right, no one wants to be the smelly girl hanging at the pool with the kids my top pick is this yummy Tom's all natural.

2. Chap Stick: Dry lips can be a major killer, I love Burt Bee's chapstick

3. Body Wash: This helps give that dry skin the boot, and has an amazing citrus scent to energize you in the morning

4. Toms Shoes: Ok so I don't offically own these yet but I have some plans to get some in the very near future. I love these ones and you can pick them up here at a great local store !

5. Makeup: summer is always a war of melting faces and sunburns a great coverup is perfect for summer. I love this one, I just add it to my moisturizer and off I go.

So here is my top five picks for a green summer. Look fabulous and be a little green at the same time.


CatherineWO said...

Great ideas, Sara. I love Burt's Bees but haven't tried the others.

The Titus Adventure said...

So, just wondering how you like the Toms deodorant?? I have been looking for an all natural deodorant and found an arm and hammer's one, but I'm not crazy about it. I might have to try the Toms!