Saturday, October 9, 2010

The power of a voice

After conference last week I began to think of the power that one voice can have when it is righteous and speaks truth. The voices that influence me come from so many places and are a welcoming invitation when I feel lost or need inspiration. However, at times I think to often we let our own personal voice be left silent because of fear of saying something wrong or being to out spoken or just being afraid no one will listen. How different would it be if we spoke united of injustice. How powerful could we be if as women spoke in one voice to protect the innocent and to speak for those who have no voice. I never want to let my voice be silenced because of fear. I feel all to often we remain silent in our losses and in our struggles because we need to remain "sober" and "meek". The subject I feel like we sometime hear no voice as women speaking when all is dark is the issue of pornography. What if we all as wives and mothers and women stood and spoke and said this is never OK, this is never acceptable. "I will not stand for this", what if we demand that this no longer remains hidden in the shadows, that we don't remain silent because we fear what will be thought of us. This subject is always addressed so fervently in priesthood session of conference or in meetings where men are in attendance, I wish we heard more of a voice speaking out and letting women hear a voice of compassion and firmness advocating for the women who suffer in silence. I want to speak out and to let my voice be heard.... never let your voice be silenced. Never stop demanding that this stop that we no longer accept this as something that just happens.