Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Worst Day Ever.....

Can I just vent for a minute..... um yeah of course this is my blog after all.

  1. One big boy who fights me on the silliest things...... and somehow makes me so frustrated on minute and melts my heart the next.
  2. The school bus system..... horror of horrors. You would think that a little understanding of children with special needs would help some drivers to have some compassion? Well no, just mean and just plain sucky.
  3. A three year old who tells me to "shut off" every time I ask him to do anything.
  4. Driving kid to school when they should have been on the bus. (Two screaming children in tow)
  5. Crying because this day just sucks.
  6. Pregnancy hormones raging.
  7. Wishing I had a live in nanny so I could have an extra pair of hands when I am completely at my melting point.
This day will pass and I will have a happy one soon. Smile...... Smile..... Smile........ or at least try.


PRP said...

So sorry Sara! Hang in there. Tomorrow will certainly be a better day

Brittney Kaye said...

Hang in there girl, and I was really just about to hrow a pity party for the wretched day
I thought i had....thanks for the perspective!

Heather said...

YIKES! You want to come over? I'll totally make you a smoothie. Love you!

The Stevens: said...

You have such a great attitude Sara:) And are allowed to have an occasional meltdown:)

CatherineWO said...

I'm a little late reading this, but I hope you've had better days since. Hang on.