Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day 2010

As a lover of "green" things and a liberal minded mormon house wife I thought about the Earth and the duty that comes with being citizens of it.

I can list thousands of ways to recycle and reuse items, but most of us know how to do this and understand that this really does make a difference even if it seems small. I could talk about all the great products that one can buy now to use in there home, hair, face, babies bottoms, cars, and washing machines (just to name a few) but I will leave that to the ads we see so frequently all around us. I could get into a lengthy discussion and start a wild debate about how what we eat and the power behind what we purchase makes, I believe, the largest change to this world but that might take all day.

Instead let me give you the reasons why I try to be proactive in the fight to better the world. My children, my self and husband, my unborn baby, my future grandchildren, the stewardship we have over this Earth, the bounty which it provides and the desire for this to continue, the beauty that I see when it is cared for and protected, and for the truth I feel when I understand my duty as a daughter of God and a mother to replenish this earth by creating and by protecting.

“Let every man and woman be industrious, prudent, and economical in their acts and feelings, and while gathering to themselves, let each one identify his or her interests with the interests of their community, with those of their neighbor and neighborhood, let them seek their happiness and welfare in that of all.”
– Brigham Young


Shayla said...

I love that I'm not the only "liberal" minded mormon housewife around, sometimes it feels like I'm all alone. :) Our changes to be more mindful of the environment and our bodies and health may be small and feel insignificant at times, but I know it makes a difference.

Heather said...

Happy Earth Day to you (belated of course). I love that quote.

PRP said...

From one liberal Mormon to another, well said!

document said...

That quote was from a wonderful book that my brother gave me for Christmas called "Stewardship and the Creation". It is a collection of articles from LDS scholars discussing environmentalism and the LDS perspective culturally and doctrinally. Fascinating book.

We put that quote on the door so we see it every time we leave the house!

Vanessa said...

I think most LDS people are environmentalists at heart. We fundamentally believe in taking care of the world.
I think where we disagree with most traditional liberals is that bringing children into this world won't destroy the earth. We can teach our children to be wise stewards and bless the earth.

Jillinebinny said...

Loved your post :) I know we don't do the best, but we try, and we will try harder as time goes on and we have the money to make better "green" choices. But until then i will try to do my part and as always, i appreciate our Earth so much and everything we've been given :)

Whenever i see all the beauty around me i just think "I know Heavenly Father Loves Me" :D

The Stevens: said...

I updated my blog.... so there:)