Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jack the Man....

Dear Jack,

    Happy Birthday little man...... I know mommy is a little late on writing you this special letter. I know that you have felt a little displaced lately. Mommy's time with you has been a little scattered as I have been busy with Eva. However, know that I am thinking of you and tryin
g my hardest to do the best for you. 
Your growing so fast and becoming such a smart little guy. I love to hear you count as the stairs as you walk up and down them throughout the day. You love to practice your alphabet and pick out the letters you know. Your always copying and trying to be just like George. Your a wonderful little boy, remember to be just Jack. 
Every new face you make just makes me laugh, and love you even more. Your sweet eyes melt my heart and seem to always get you whatever you want. 
I love you and am so happy to be your mommy. Your so sweet and determined. Thank you for teaching me patience and how to be the best
 mommy I can be. 


lindsay>boo said...

Happy Birthday Jack! What a sweet boy you have.

PRP said...

So, so sweet! Happy birthday little man!

Heather said...

2 already.... I'm feeling old. Hope it was a good one Jack!