Thursday, May 28, 2009

April & May Update

I wanted to share a few pictures, and show you what we have been up to. 

Easter came and went, we got one good family photo, although we are short one little boy? Where is George? 

Sweet little Eva in her Easter Dress and matching white casts. 
We bought a beautiful piano, and the boys love it. 

Fun in the sun..... the boys have been having a blast playing with their new slip-n-slide. 

Eva being adorable as usual......

Eva got her last set of cast removed and is now wearing her "magic" shoes. I am loving to kiss her little legs and see her chubby little knees. 

We have been very busy..... but that's just this crazy, wonderful life that I love. 


Ben and Alissa said...

It is so fun catching up with your family! Eva is beautiful! More pictures of Eva!!

Amy said...

Hooray for her casts being off! She is so adorable! I love that Easter dress. She looks so cute in it!
p.s. Hooray for a piano!

Jamie said...

Yay! I love all of the pictures. Thank you. So fun to see.

Becca said...

You all look like you're doing so well! Your kids are so very beautiful -- I'll have to meet them some time!

Heather said...

SHE is cute! I love it. Can I come see her for real yet??

CatherineWO said...

Eva is changing so much. It's unfair that we are so far away. Her new shoes are just like the ones Mark wore as a baby. Not exactly a fashion statement, but her feet are looking sooooo good.
Love you.

debsters said...

Look at Eva's little white dress, what an angel she is.