Monday, June 30, 2008

Sara's ultimate Summer must have List!

I thought I would be adventures and post my summer must haves (kinda like Oprahs Favorite things). The following is my list of all the great products and other fun summer stuff I just can't live with out.

1. "O" Organics Pomegranate Fizz Juice:
This is a del
icious drink it tastes like a fizzy pomegranate surprise! (avaliable at Safeway)

2. Pina Coloda "Bonnie Bell" chap-stick: I am going a little old school for this one but it is the perfect summer treat for your lips.


3. Gillette Venus Womans Razor: This seriously gets the job done and it makes shaving in the summer fast and easy, your legs will thank you.

4. Old Fashioned Limeade: My favorite brand is "Newmans" it is just so nice to sit and have glass out on your porch in the evening. Ahhhh.....

5. My last and ultimate summer must have is playing with your family at the pool. I love spending super hot summer days at our local pool. The kids have a great time and well it's cheap, fun and a summer must.

So this concludes my summer must haves. I love summer (except the 100+ weather) I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and of course all the yummy summer things (BBQ, watermelon, popsicles, frozen fruit smoothies, and ice cold lemonade). What are your summer must haves?


lindsay>boo said...

The pomegranate fizz juice is so yummy! I totally need to try the razor though. You know your razor is old when the other day at the store I went to buy more razor attachments and they don't make it for my particular razor anymore!

debsters said...

This post makes me feel so relaxed and excited for the current season. Tonight after the kids go to bed I will sit on my front porch with a delicious drink. Thank you!!

Jan said...

Must have A/C today is on my list.

Love all the O products. They are so good.

The razor looks like a good one for sure. And Pauls Limeade is so good. Great list of must haves.

Have a continued great summer ahead Sara..You are always so kind.

meohmyers said...

That's my all time favorite razor, too! In the summertime, that thing gets used daily!

I'll have to try that pomegranate fizz juice. Now I'm curious!

Great list, Sara! Happy summer!

Megan said...

I have that razor and it is GREAT, soo smooth and soft and it conditions your legs.
I love Eucerin daily moisturing face lotion spf30. i use it year round to protect my pale skin, but it is especially useful in the summer. non greasy and light enough to wear under makeup or whatever.
another must have, a great beach bag, loaded and ready to go!

Shaela said...

yum!! You're making my mouth water, Sara!

Wendy Christensen said...

Sara, I love your must have list! The limeaid sounds splendid - Cheers to summer! :) I think the pool will come in handy with these ULTRA HOT days ... Yipes! Yesterday the weather/reader board on GWay said 109 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Lisa said...

I'm with ya! Sitting on the front porch with a cool refreshing drink is my idea of a perfect life!