Monday, June 23, 2008

Bridal Bliss

As the much anticipated and blessed event of my dear sister-in law Danna's wedding approaches I am enjoying bridal bliss. You know the feeling of seeing all your dreams put into this one moment. Feeling so in love and never understanding until now that you could love someone else that much. I love watching Danna and Josh together and seeing how perfect for each other they are. I am so excited for her and am grateful to be a part of the planning. Thanks Danna. I am very excited to have been put in charge of her Bridal Shower. I have a created a great invitation (pictures to come) and am now trying to decide what sort of fun games and prizes I should incorporate. Do you remember your bridal shower, what did you love or hate about it? What made it memorable and what are some great games to play? Relive the joy of bridal bliss.
(Oh and her colors are lemon and lime, hence the picture.)


debsters said...

Lemon and lime, that's so clever and refreshing :)

All I remember about my bridal shower is having to open a little black number in front of my mother, yikes!

I once went to a bridal shower where someone collected little memories and bridal advice and then compiled them into a book for the bride to be, along with pictures and such.

Megan said...

good luck on the planning. i am really no expert--sorry. i prefer no games, good food, good company and time to visit (i'm a party pooper)
sorry i am so poor about commenting, i read your blog regularly, love keeping in touch.

Becca said...

Let's see, I really liked having everyone there write down a piece of advice on a notecard. It seemed kind of cheesy, but some of it was good, and the rest of it was amusing. We also did the one where you ask the groom questions beforehand, and the bride has to guess the correct answers (they're questions about the groom). Always fun!

Danna said...

Sara! I love having you as my only local sister. It's so fun having you a part of my planning! I love you

Jan said...

I am exactly on the same page as Debie. I was so embarrassed I was to open a nighty in front of my mom. I can't remember that far back. I know there a lot of fun things out there. If I come across a memory or find, I'll let you know. How nice of you and I love the lemon and lime. Yumm..

The Stevens: said...

Good Luck with the bridal shower... I like games at bridal showers, fun, new games. (Lots of cute game ideas on line) I also love food... veggies, fruit, simple desserts... not a big fan of cake. PUNCH... oooh, I love punch (ya know the stuff... sherbet, sprite, yummy punch... it's even lime in color:)

Lemon and Lime is totally Danna... how fun!