Friday, May 16, 2008

Comings and Goings

This will be a quick post about the comings and going over the past few days.
Sesame Street Live: George and I had a fabulous time at this show. We got pretty good seats for the tickets being free. George's eyes were huge the whole time, as he saw his favorite characters come to life. The show was a little long but still very fun. My camera ran out of batteries during the show, ahhhh. I went a little over board and bought George two souvenirs a banner and a toy "Elmo spinner light thing" anyway, he loved waving his banner during the songs. So much fun.

Camping: John, George and Grandpa Thom are of to the Father/Son Camp out. This is a traditional event and the guys love going. Jack is still to small and will be spending some quality time with just mommy. I will be enjoying a quite evening watching whatever movie I want. Yeahhh!

New Patio Stuff: We purchased a new patio set and grill with our stimulus package money. We love this set and can't wait to spend some quality time out in the yard.

Coffee Table Project: I am in the middle of stripping and repainting my coffee table. It was a distressed black table and I am turning it into a two tone distressed cream table. Pictures to come.

Family Vacation: Saturday the 24 we will be leaving for a week to the Oregon Coast. This will be a much needed break and some fun times as a family. I am so excited to get away from the day to day stuff and just play at the beach. This next week will be getting the family packed and prepared for the 6+ hour drive. Fun times with two little guys.


Jan said...

All your coming and goings sound fabulous. I wish I could see the patio set. I love patio sets. And also, take a picture of the coffee table finished. Oolala..
Camping,Sesame Street, Oregon Coast. Wow, what a full great life coming up Sara...

debsters said...

I love hearing what people are doing with their stimulus money. I love a great patio seating area, our is like our second family room during the nice weather.

Sounds like your a busy girl. Have a fantastic weekend sitting on your new chairs, eating a bbq hamburger.

Heather said...

I heard Elmo was great! I can't wait to see the pics of the table... maybe I could just come over.

Kate said...

you have a full week ahead!! I am glad your concert was great. I hope you guys have a wonderful trip, I am always a sucker for the coast, LOVE IT! Have a great time :)