Friday, March 7, 2008


I read Kim's, and Alicia's MeMe's and was inspired to fill in the blanks as well. I too find it very interesting what people write and don't write, so here goes.

I can
1. find anything in home, hands down
2. write poetry
3. change a diaper, hold a baby and talk on the phone all at the same time

I can't
1. roll my R's (me to Alicia)
2. spell :) (I get by with spell check and John's help)
3. remember past when I was 7 years old, really I just have small memories not anything really vivid

I should
1. exercise more
2. do more scrapbooking
3. stay in touch with relatives better

I could
1. write a book about my life
2. find extra moments in the day to catch up on endless projects
3. learn to relax about housework

I would
1. try new foods if I wasn't so picky
2. lose my mom tummy if I knew I was done having kids
3. love to be able to redo much of my house in more "green" products, if I had money to spare

I will
1. always love John and be the best wife I can for him
2. support my children in everything they do
3. grow my hair out once before I die

I won't
1. think I have less then everyone else when I have been so blessed in my life
2. obsess over who likes me, I will just be me and if you like me well then great
3. nag John so much

I want
1. to finish my college degree someday
2. read over 50 books this year
3. visit another country

I crave
1. Spudnut donuts
2. chicken fried steak
3. sleeeppppppp!

I hear
1. the computer humming
2. my dog barking
3. silence, John took the kids out this morning

I smell
1. baby smells on my shirt
2. BedHead manipulator on my hair
3. Dove deodorant

I see
1. A huge British flag on the wall in the office
2. Toys thrown around the family room
3. My blog a place for me to express myself

I am
1. strong
2. happy
3. hungry

I was
1. sad much of my youth
2. always felt older then everyone else growing up all though I was younger
3. in two pageants

I hope
1. I will be the best mom I can
2. I will do Heavenly Fathers will
3. I will teach my children about my Dad in a way that will show them the wonderful man that he was

I love
1. the gospel
2. my family
3. warm days


Jennica said...

wow, this is a great post. so much to learn and admire about you. You really are a very self-motivating person and that is so awesome! I wish I was more like that and not such a pleaser., I loved that one of your I Will's was to grow your hair out once before you die. That that was pretty funny.

meohmyers said...

Oooh! Thanks for participating, Sara! I love these things! Loved your answers and learning more about you. Your answers were very thoughtful.

Jan said...

That was really great to read Sara. I liked learning many new things about you. You are a very avid reader I see. I still picture your cute short hair and glasses. I think it would be fun to see you in long hair. Oh, and I hope you get some sleep.

Movie Queen said...

Great answers! The more I learn about you the more I am surprised. It's funny how you think you've got someone all figured out and keep finding out you were wrong. (I never would have pegged you as the pageant type!)

Movie Queen said...

Oh, and for some reason it's not letting me comment on you new post about the GNO. I just wanted to say that now I can go! Woohoo!

debsters said...

I'm excited to hear more about the pageants you were in. Sometime you'll have to explain. I admire your desire to read 50 books. I'm not good at this. I remember you had some great thoughts at a sixth ward book club I went to in your home. Let me know if you read any good ones.