Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Girls Night Out

Anyone up for this on Friday Night

Say around 6:00 pm

And this or maybe this

At 7:00pm in the CarMike Cinemas Theater

Interested, Leave a post.


Heather said...

Sounds fun, but I can't make it. Maybe next time?

Megan said...


this sounds fun, but we have our r.s. dinner that night. sorry. but, it sounds like I should visit your house(if youre still baking...) no bakes are my favorite, but no one else likes them here, so i dont make them. so sad, sniffle, sniffle

The GosFam said...

I wish I was in Richland. I would love a girls night. 27 Dresses is a great movie. I hope you have people who can make it and that you have a blast.

Movie Queen said...

Oh, a girls night out is being planned and I might actually be going on a date with my husband!! What are the chances?! If that doesn't happen though, I'm so there.

Kate said...

awww...I wish I could but James is working :( Tell, me when you plan another...we definatly need to get together.
I did see The other boleyn girl tonight, it was pretty good....the book is better, so if you havnt read the book, save it till after seeing the movie :)
Enjoy yourself!!

Jan said...

Sounds like a perfect evening. Hope you can get out and have some fun. Were headed for an out of town trip for my daughter. She's in a competition of sorts. Hope it works out though.

debsters said...

What a great night out you have planned. Hubby's out of town and we are headed to that same competition that Jan is. Have a fabulous time. I really admire your planning skills!!

meohmyers said...

Ditto to the RS dinner tonight with hubby. I love a girls night out and want to see both of those movies! Hopefully another GNO will be planned soon, cause I sure need one!