Thursday, February 7, 2008

Update on accident

As I logged in to my blog I was so surprised and very grateful for all of the thoughtful comments and offers for help. Today was a much better day, I was able to go tonight to Stake enrichment with the help of my crutches and leg brace.
I have had John at my beck and call for the last week. He took Friday, Monday, Wednesday off and his mother my dear and lovely mother in-law took Tuesday and today off to help me. John has Friday off and I will hopefully be back to full capacity on Monday. I really feel blessed to have an amazingly supportive husband and family and great friends who call when I need cheering up and offer to take kids (thanks heather).
I can't wait for normal life to resume and for us to get a car that fits us again, the rental is cute but not fitted for our family needs (space and more space). I will however need a serious girls night out when I am better. Anyway, time will tell the results of the knee injury and my chest will eventually heal, the bruises however are amazing. There are always upsides to everything, right?


Jan said...

I hope you get that girls night out. At least you have that support and that helps heal alot of things. Take Care.

Movie Queen said...

Whew. I'm so relieved to hear you have help. We will have the rockin'est girls' night out as soon as you are well.

meohmyers said...

So glad you've got help, too. Hope you recover quickly! Let me know when to pencil in that girls' night out! Boy, do I need that!!