Thursday, December 13, 2007

The New House

As far as I am concerned no one should make any comments about how kids ride in carts. I will try to refrain from using this blog as my personal soapbox, however I feel it is necessary for this particular subject. I went to my favorite store Target of course, I get the kids in the cart (Jack in the front and George sitting in the back) this frustrates me to no end. I need a cart that has two seats one for a toddler and one for an infant (an actual seat for Jack to sit in). I love the big "buss" carts as I like to call them that give you the two bigger seats and still the whole basket, but some moms need a different style.

Anyway the reason behind this mindless rant was because I had an employee the other day comment to John by saying "Thanks for buckling up BOTH your kids" I asked John if he explained are cart problem and he said no. Well, this bugs me! I want someone to appreciate the fact that I still am a loyal shopper to many a "cart dysfunctional" stores, however I have to watch my self or I might give unsympathetic, workers my speech about the joys of shopping in a store that has a cart that I find to be the cadialic of all carts, and that my dear friends is Costco. I will still continue to shop at all places but I am tempted to highjack a costco cart and keep it in my van, is that legal?

Side Note:
For all who are wanting my new address and phone # here it is-

1210 Van Giesen St
Richland 99354

and, yes we love the house, it is about twice the size of are old one, however we miss pasco and we miss all of you so please call me!

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Jamie said...

I love your blog site. It is very cute. And I can't wait to read your next entry. You will have to tell me how it was getting it all set up. I keep thinking of doing this sort of thing, but just haven't done it yet. Anyway, I love yours. Send my love to all of you Spencers. Love, Jamie