Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monkey DOOOZZZ Haircuts

Today mommy ventured to take George to get his haircut. We went to Monkey Doozz in Richland, I thought this is perfect, $8 dollar toddler cuts. This was my first time going to this place so I was unsure what to expect, but I was really surprised. They have adorable jeeps for the kids to sit in while they get there haircut and a TV at each station with a movie playing. I thought perfect for George he will sit have a sucker, watch a movie and do just fine. (This was not his first haircut by any means, but his first trip to the salon)

Well, things did not go so well, he screamed and cried the whole entire time. He refused to wear the cape so we took his shirt off and that resulted in him being itchy and covered in hair. He stood up in the jeep so I had to stand next to him to keep him from falling, resulting in mommy being itchy and covered in hair.
Meanwhile, Jack was screaming in the stroller from lack of constant smiles and cooing from mommy. The stylist handled it very well, I kept apologizing and commenting on how good she was to be able to cut his hair with clippers while he was throwing a monster tantrum. She responded by, assuring me that he was by no means the worst, and it was toddler day, the hardest day of the week.
After George's cut, I decided what the heck why not do Jacks hair to (yes, he has had his cut several times) Jack sat on my lap and got his hair buzzed and scissor cut, he looks like a little man. I guess you might call me a little obsessive with the boys hair. I like it nice and trim and yet able to add gel and spike it. George started getting his cut with clippers at 4months and Jack about the same time.
Needless to say I thought they would do fine, but well they are two and 7months, what was I thinking. :) Well they look great for Christmas and very handsome.
I will post pictures of the cuts!


Heather said...

Hmmm... I haven't been there but I'm sure I'll be regular since I know I can't pull off Brynners hair cuts on my own.

Shayla said...

We've gone there a few times...to the one over in Kennewick. The girls love it. They style their hair and put in sparkly, glittery hair spray when they're done. So fun, but it was starting to get spendy as they got older and we haven't gone back. They still ask to go there, though.