Monday, February 20, 2012


I feel like I have had the rewind button hit on my life. Eva and I made a trip to Spokane to visit Shriners and to get a check up of her feet. I sat in the room feeling like I had some how been transported back to her newborn days, those days of many appointments, cast changes and Dr's telling me she is can handle all this and will do great. Well, we hit rewind and all of that is happening once again but not to my little newborn daughter but to my almost three year old. She is back in casts. Big heavy clunky smack you in the leg and your dying kinda casts. One pink one purple. She is happy and doing amazing, she lugs those big casts all around the house. No walking yet but a whole lot of army crawling. She has a wheel chair but they would like her to try to get up on them and to walk (this will help, lengthen the tendent's). She is a trooper and the other kids think it is pretty awesome that we have a wheelchair a tiny walker and two funky casts to drawn on. I will be spending every other Friday shuttling her up to Spokane and back home. We have listened to a ton of Adele and she has played way to much angry birds on the way up and back.
I guess hitting rewind is not to bad, this to will pass and it will make her future much better. I get to have a big baby to lug about and I get to spend my shopping trips and Sundays explaining to concerned on lookers that she did not have a terrible fall but that these are just corrective.
Rewind baby, Rewind.

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