Monday, February 28, 2011 my jeans are two sizes to big and i look dumb but thats ok
whatever....... i bribed my son at church and told him i would let him get a movie at redbox on sunday
whatever.......i wish i would call and chat with friends but instead i will just wish someone would call me
whatever......i love my husbands talents but am secretly jealous of him and wish he was not perfect at everything he does
whatever......i get way to passionate about things and end up sounding like a crazed person when i start taking about them
whatever......i am never perfect enough for peoples standards
whatever......i wish and dream big...but place self doubt at the end of all of them
whatever......i try and that is sometimes all i can do

whatever is just good enough for me today, i will try perfection another day


PRP said...

Good for you! Own who you are and love it! Your doing a great job.

Heather said...

Hey, we'll be crazy, non-perfectionist gals together! I'll call you.

Amy said...

So I can relate to at least half of your list. I wish I could relate to the 'my jeans are too big' but it's for me it's more like 'my jeans are too tight'. And the self doubts and jealousy over husbands talents? I am right there with you. Right there. I gave up being perfect a few hours ago but I'll probably have to give it up again sometime tomorrow. Glad to see a post from you again!

The Stevens: said...

Love this Sara:) I thought you were perfect though?:)