Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

The lazy days of summer have hit and I have lost all concept of time and off the world outside my children's laughter and sun kissed skin. I do have a few things on my mind and thought I might share them:

I will never get over feeling my unborn baby wiggle and squirm in my tummy. I am so looking forward to this fall and the surprise of a new little addition to this family.

I have given up all hope of eating healthy this summer, after the opening of FroYo I am officially hooked. As well as the Richland farmers market and this divine baked goods both that supplies me with this bread that is an entire loaf of cinnamon, icing, and apple goodness.

I am loving watching budding curiosity of Eva as she explores the pool and grass and climbs up on to everything. This girl may still be learning to walk but she can climb up to the top bunk of her brothers bunk beds.

I am glued to the news as I watch in horror the oil spill in the gulf and the consequences of our dependence on this substance. Clean and renewable energy resources and fuel people, lets get it together.

I have been wearing the most comfy dresses and skirts this summer and some adorable white berkies. Heaven!!

My mind is engrossed in the Ensign articles that have such relevance to my day to day life and I am beyond grateful for the spirit that they bring to me.

Summer is joy and pure bliss......accompanied by moments of chaos and some cranky kids but all in all it has been great.


Danna said...

Eva can climb to the top bunk? That is insane! I can't wait to see those kiddos again!

Jillyn said...

It sounds like your summer is going fabulous! We should get together on go on walks together :D :D It could be fun ;)

And i really need to find some comfortable sandles for this summer but i'm having no luck! Any suggestions??

tharker said...

Oh, tell me where this lovely bakery is...oh wait, don't tell me! (my thighs won't thank you ;)

Don't you just love wearing dresses and skirts all summer long. I cannot get enough. I saw a tutorial for one on freshlypicked that I think I just might try out. It looks pretty simple.

Feeling the baby move is one of life's purest joys. And you're right, it NEVER gets old!

Karen said...

I'm catching up on things now that we're moved in here. Eva can get up to the top?!?! whoa! It was so fun to see her when we were there. She's such a cutie and yes so full of spunk and determination! you have such a cool family!