Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eva Diva

Dear Eva,

Today you turn one. One year old. Mommy is so thrilled for you but is heartbroken that you have grown up so fast. You have this fire personality but you melt every ones heart with your loving nature. Your brothers adore you and sometimes seem to forget that you can't really wrestle, ride bikes and eat all those big kid treats. They have nicknamed you "Eba" and "Arnold". When your older I will explain.
Your Daddy is smitten by you and thinks that there has never been a sweeter baby girl born, and he is right. I think that you were the perfect fit for this family and have made each day so unique and full of so much joy.
From day one you challenged mommy with your silly little feet. Casts, surgery, cast, surgery, braces, reversed latch shoes, and Dr. Z. That about sums up your first year. You have been such a trooper and have charmed your way into so many hearts by your story and perseverance. I am so proud of how far you have come, next step walking (hint, hint).
I am so grateful for you. You have shown me how to find hope in all things. You have brought a spirit of enduring strength into my life and I love you more then words.
Eva I know your future will be filled with bright beautiful moments because that is how you see the world. I hope you will take to being a big sister just the same way you have taken to all of the challenges you have faced. You will do a great job!!


Your Mommy


Heather said...

That picture is so precious! I love it. Happy Birthday EEEEVVVVVAAAA. (i couldn't resist!)

sue said...

my little Eba, I love her so much

tharker said...

This picture is adorable! Looks like she has some spunk. I love it! I cannot believe she's a year old already! Happy (late) Birthday Eva!

It was so great to run into you today, Sara. I'm so excited for your newest little Spencer to come to your family! Congratulations!!!

I caught it in your post ;)

Sara said...

Thanks Tiffany!