Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breasts are Best

Yesterday I was able to go and model for a great project that a friend of a friend is putting together on breastfeeding awareness. This is a quick description of the project: "Breastfeeding fails when it is made inconvenient by unnecessary modesty. Erin Schmidt, a local art student and Doula, would like to photograph breastfeeding as an everyday part of life, not something that is obscene. Some of the photographs, will be women breastfeeding at parks, moms groups, family dinners, the library, the store, church, etc. For contrast, there has been consideration for contrived pictures of people eating in bathroom stalls, cars, and in restaurants with blankets over their heads"
I went to the country mercantile and sat out in the pumpkin patch in the bitter cold and proudly nursed my sweet little girl. I was grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing project. I am a modest person but I feel like breastfeeding is a natural part of life and is beautiful. I was not ashamed to pose or to be photographed in this position. The pictures turned out to be very candid (which is what the project called for) and very beautiful.
I am very dedicated to bringing awareness and stand for the rights of women, children and the beauty of natural living. I am thankful for my body, I am honored to share these life lessons with my children.


Karen said...

That sounds very interesting. If you have a way to share one of the photos I'd love to see it.

PRP said...


If I had a nursing baby, I would BEG to be part of this project. Whoever came up with the idea that breastfeeding is dirty or seedy should be shot. It's the most natural thing in the world. I applaud your commitment to such an important cause! And you look BEAUTIFUL!!!

Shayla said...

Sara, the photographer of this project is a friend of mine, so when I saw you in her lineup of photos on Facebook I thought, "hey! I know her!" I think this is a great project, as well. Breastfeeding my girls will always bring the sweetest memories to my mind and heart. You look beautiful, by the way!

sue said...

you go girl, breast feeding has come along way, but there are still people out there who need to be reminded that breast milk is life sustaining.

Danna said...

I love it Sara! You look so beautiful. What a great cause!

Karen said...

Thanks for the picture! It is beautifully done, I agree.

The way you are looking straight at the camera is perfect. One, not ashamed, but for two, it distracts attention from the breast enough to point out that this is a mother and a baby! And also Eva's hat, with the circles, draws the eye as well. The moment of breastfeeding becomes a natural part of the picture between your eyes and her hat. Well done!!!