Monday, September 28, 2009

Top Ten

My top ten list:

10) Being able to wear jeans this week with out burning up

9) Watching Glee (Love it)

8) Smelling pumpkin spice candles in my home

7) Feeling a whole lot better (really nasty sickness at my house)

6) Remembering the talks from the Relief Society Broadcast

5) Watching Eva army crawl around the floor

4) Having two boys who bring such laughter to my heart and home

3) Still feeling happy when mean people want to bring you down

2) The new ward boundaries

1) My hubby and kids!


Heather said...

Great list, we need to get together again. When are you available? New ward boundaries... intriguing.

PRP said...

Great list!!!

Kate said...

Love love love glee, wish it was cleaner here and there though!
Love your list, I hope you are doing well!

Jamie said...

Fun list. So much to be grateful for!

lindsay>boo said...

Love the list! Glee cracks me up as well! Good for you to stay positive despite mean people. That one is always so hard for me.

The Stevens: said...

Scream Yea for Pumpkin Spice candles...:) Great top 10:)

tharker said...

I too love Glee! It's so funny!!

New ward boundaries huh? I'm intrigued...

I just read that little Eva has gotten the all clear from her doctor. That is great news! The bar didn't look like it could have been too much fun for her. I'm so glad that her feet are now perfect!!!