Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer 09

Two weeks of this:

A couple weekends spent in this traveling for quick day trips:
We haven been enjoying a whole lot of these:

We played a lot here:

A whole ton of this:

We put this in our front yard:

We accomplished this with 3 little kids:

All in all we had a very busy a fun summer, however mommy is ready for the normal routine of this

so I can enjoy some of this during the day


Heather said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for a quick sale, because keeping a house "show ready" with 3 kids can't be fun.

Jamie said...

Very cute! Any news on the sale of your house? Any interest? What about the Stevens?

sue said...

that's very cute

The Stevens: said...

very creative way to explain your summer happenings:) You had a busy summer:)

Amy said...

uhhh, moving again??

p.s. Back to Pasco, right??