Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My day out with Thomas

This last weekend we ventured over to the western side of the state and enjoyed a much anticipated Thomas the Tank Engine Adventure. The drive was not bad we enjoyed taking the Vantage way. The boys had popcorn and a portable DVD player to keep themselves busy and Eva had her Binky and baby doll. I had John keeping me busy by chatting away, this man could literally talk non stop across the continental United States. Needless to say it was an OK drive over.
We hit the North Bend Outlet Mall for some serious bargain shopping, I got most of Georges fall clothes bought and John got some great guy stuff.
After constant nagging to go see Thomas we arrived in Snoqualme and found the big blue tank engine. George and Jack could hardly stand it and just about jumped out of their skin. Hardly any great pictures were taken because George is jumping or shaking as we hit all the booths and enjoyed the experience.
The boys got to shake Sir Topham Hat's hand and to take a picture with him. Jack refused to stand by him, and we had to pry George off of him. They also got a photo-op with Thomas, as well as free tattoos, play time with the largest train table in the world. There was music, puppet shows and a big gift shop.
The best part of the day was the 20 minute train ride on Thomas. The train took us right by Snoqualme falls. It was so much fun and really special to see all the kids and parents having the best time.
The boys loved it and can't stop talking about it. Every time we get in the car it is now, "Are we going to Thomas?"


Heather said...

How fun, I bet the boys were in heaven. I'm cracking up at the thought of John talking non-stop across the country, definitely do-able.

Handsome Rob said...

Wow what a fun Mom you are driving all the way to Snohomish to see Thomas the Train! How is the adjustment to 3 kids? I'm slowly getting it.

Amy said...

So fun! Sean would LOVE that! I didn't know they had anything like that!

The Stevens: said...

What a fun thing for your boys, John included:)

CatherineWO said...

Knowing how much George loves Thomas and the trains, I can imagine how excited he must have been. Is there anything better than watching your children having a great happy time?