Monday, February 23, 2009

BK Mini Burgers

Have you seen this commerical?

 I can't stand the way women are portrayed when it comes to things like "babies". 
Yes, they are liking these little burgers to "babies" and of course 
the 20 something guys eating them are transformed into "father" figures. 
Why would a women just fall over these things? I don't know if I am just having a pregnancy moment, but I am seriously tempted to write to BK and express my frustration. 
Would that be to much? 


CatherineWO said...

No, that wouldn't be too much. I agree with you, Sara. I'm not exactly sure of all the reasons WHY the commercial bugs me, but it seems to stereotype women in a way that just isn't true.

document said...

Go for it, I have found that it is a very sexist commercial.

Amy said...

No, go for it! BK seems to jump off the deepend a lot lately.