Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prego and lovin it

Middle English, from Latin praegnant-, praegnans carrying a fetus, alteration of praegnas, from prae- pre- + -gnas (akin to gignere to give birth to) — more at kin
14th century

During this joyous time of pregnancy I am often amazed at the comments people will say to a woman in who is large with child. I am also amazed at the comments ones own husband will make to his dear pregnant wife. The following is a great list of the adjectives and funny things John has said to me in the last 7 months.

  1. Sara "Wow if I keep eating this I will get fat" John "Yeah you will be huge"
  2. John "You still look beautiful even when your belly is so rotund" 
  3. John "My wife looks like she is carrying a bowling ball in the front"
  4. John "Your really showing now, your huge" 
  5. John "Do you need help up? You look like you might get stuck"
That is just a small list of the very honest comments of my wonderful Hubby! 


Amy said...


document said...

Now I will tell you what was really said:

Sara: "Wow if I keep eating this I will become like a house." John "Yeah, if you do you will."

John: "Even with the rotundness of pregnancy you still look so beautiful."

John "My wife is so beautiful, she looks normal from the back, and looks like she's carrying a bowling ball from the front."

John (to his mother), "Sara is really showing now, you'll be surprised at how big Eva has grown."

I honestly don't remember saying the last one.

Heather said...

I can honestly hear Johns voice in my head saying each of those. So funny, you are almost there!

Jennica said...

John, you should have just plead the 5th buddy! It really doesn't matter how people phrase things when they're talking "big" talk. Good thing you can laugh about it?, post it on your blog, (yes, that will definitely spur on an apology), and remember how beautiful you are.....at least he did say that in #2. Good job John!

The Stevens: said...

Classic John statements:) Good thing you're pregnant, you might actually take offense to statements like those:)lol