Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree,
O Christmas Tree,
How sturdy can you be?
With two small boys who love you
in summer's clime
And through the snows
of wintertime.
O Christmas Tree,

O Christmas Tree,
How sturdy can you be?

O Christmas Tree,
O Christmas Tree,
What happens when you fall twice?
Will any
joyous Christmas ornaments
stay on your branches?
Your form inspires
my song and rhyme.
O Christmas Tree,
O Christmas Tree,
What a sight you will be on Christmas Eve!

O Christmas Tree,
O Christmas Tree,
O Christmas Tree,
Please teach my boys a lesson!

(Lyrics changes by me)

My beautiful tree has been mistreated this whole season, my boys seem to think it looks best naked and slightly bent over. I pick up ornaments of the ground all day. Most of cute ornaments we have are either headless now or missing their bodies, we get both. My tree literally has two or three Santa Heads hanging of it lovely branches. I hope it makes it until Christmas. On a related note I had to take Jack to the ER yesterday. A glass ornament got broken and he thought the big chunks of glass looked rather tasty. He chewed a silver dollar size chunk. I found him with a mouth full of glass. He was laughing and then swallowed it all. Luckily my son is also known as T-Rex and can chew almost anything (including glass) into small fine pieces. He got an X-ray taken and they found no big pieces. Needless to say he might be a little sore after the next poo. Just kidding the Doctor said he is fine. I am counting the minutes until disaster number 949 occurs this holiday season. I love Christmas!


Shayla said...

OH MY, Sara! I can't believe he ate glass! Boys are so different than girls. :-) Your song/poem was awesome. Thanks for the laugh. Good luck with the tree!

Heather said...

Oh, good luck! Good luck to Jack too....eeeee.

debsters said...

Oh no! Glad he's not damaged too much from the glass.

Vanessa said...

I am having the same problem! Not with the glass... With the tree. I can't believe how many ornaments they've broken. And my girl is just as bad as my boy.

Corrine said...

merry christmas! hope you survive it too, and well hopefully the boys survive :) awesome poem.

Shaela said...

LOL - I'm sorry to laugh Sara, but it makes me remember! Caleb unscrewed his nightlight bulb once and CHEWED it up (crunch, crunch, crunch), swallowing all the glass. John was home and had to call the school to get me out of a final exam to find out what to do! Ah, the life of a mom.

Sue said...

I love the poem, because that's what I did last night kept putting the stuff back on the tree. gotta love our boys.

Rob and Juliann said...

Oh Sara! I'm sorry! We just put ours up tonight, I'm interested to see what kind of trouble Ian gets into with it!

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

Your tree is tough and so is your boy :)!!!! Cheers to the holiday moments that we never forget :) Merry Christmas to you!!!!