Sunday, July 6, 2008

Olympics Baby

Here we go..... yes another summer Olympics. This years Olympics are just around the corner and I am so excited. I get a little jazzed just thinking of the parade of athletes at the opening ceremonies. John and I love to sit and cheer for our favorites and to guess which countries will sweep the medals in each sport. I think I might actually have a Olympic celebration party, maybe make a Olympic ring cake? Crazy I know.
Our little family has loved watching the few televised Olympic trials. George watched some of the male gymnasts events and as soon as they did some flips and jumps George ran right to the TV and watched it mesmerized by the whole thing. He kept saying "oh yeah" "wow" and then proceeded to use my table as a Pommel Horse and our couch as a spring board. He also found some of Jacks baby powder and used it to powder his hands the other day. Luckily we have nothing that resembles the rings or parallel bars, or we would be in trouble.
John is very excited to see all the running events and to watch the Triathlon. I am pumped to watch the swimming (Micheal Phelps) and the womens gymnastics.
Will you be watching the olympics? What is your favorite sport to watch?


Jan said...

We might catch a few things here and there. I haven't been watching tv much at all this summer. I have so much to do and get done. I love how much you enjoy it though. I remember as a kid, we would stop everything and watch them. It has lost a bit of the celebrity feeling. I think its great that you are keeping them alive with your family.

Have fun and I am loving the new pictures on your sidebar. So cute.

lindsay>boo said...

We love to watch the Olympics here. My favorites are the swimming and women's gymnastics. I love how into it George is. How funny he powdered his hands!

debsters said...

I love the olympics too. I am on the edge of my seat watching the gymnastics, I find myself holding my breath.

document said...


Go Paula Radcliffe (UK) for the women's marathon!

Go Ryan Hall (US) for the men's marathon!

Go Javier Gomez (SP) for the men's triathlon!

Go Vanessa Fernandez (POR) for the women's triathlon!

CatherineWO said...

I'm actually a tennis fan. When I was growing up (too many decades ago), it was practically the only sport that girls were allowed to play, and I was on a little league tennis team. I was lousy, but I really enjoy watching it.