Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Dearest Monster Man,

Mommy loves how excited you are about life and how you want to be a part of everything. I know that you believe the world is just a super place and well it is.
Please however remember to always check how tall and how safe things are before climbing them and jumping off. Never run in the street and be kind to all the other kids in nursery and at the park. Your baby brother loves you and just wants to play with you so, give him a break.
I am so proud of you and I hope we can master this potty training thing. You are 100% boy and Daddy loves it. Thanks for being his best little man. Always be happy and never forget that that I love you.

Love Mommy


Jan said...

I love the curious George. That is the cutest picture of the 2 of you. Love it.

debsters said...

I love a parent that gets right in there and plays. I can see you are that fun type, love the pic.

I also love boys that know how to have fun with the boy stuff.