Saturday, May 10, 2008

Safe Kids Saturday!

Today is the Safe Kids Fair. It begins at 10am and ends at 2pm This is a great event to take your family and get geared up for summer and learn some great safety tips. The list of fun things to do there is long, here are just a few of the cool things they have:
"An emergency helicopter operated by Northwest Medstar is set to make a special appearance. The Safe Kids Coalition offers car seat safety checks and bike helmet fittings. Children are fingerprinted, weighed and measured, while Richland State Farm Insurance agents take Polaroid photos to include in family records. State Farm reps estimate they’ve photographed about 9,000 children over the years at Safe Kids Saturday. There will be fire trucks on display. The Richland Fire Department will have its life safety house to teach kids how to escape the home safely in the event of a fire."

My family will be enjoying this great event!


Shayla said...

I've heard of these events, but we've never gone. What little boy doesn't love to see some fire trucks, though? I'm sure your boys will love it.

debsters said...

We've been in the past and the kids loved it. Hope you had fun yesterday.

My favorite part in past years was the hand washing station, that was cool! We have never seen the helicopter though.

Kate said...

Oh I am glad you guys got to go! Steve (my father in law) had a booth there and was asking us why we weren't there! I didn't know till halfway through the day that he was even there and that it was going on. Hope you had fun!!

lindsay>boo said...

I wish we would have gone. Saturday was just too crazy though.