Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guilty Pleasures....

I find it intriguing what peoples guilty pleasures are, it says a lot about the person I think. I believe everyone enjoys something a little more when they know it may not be the best thing for them to do, eat, smell, read, or buy but they do it anyway. Of course I am talking about silly, clean and fun guilty pleasures (so don't get me wrong). The following are some of my guilty pleasures:
  • I will buy a candy bar in the check out line and will eat it on the way home with my two boys strapped in there car seats unaware that mom is devouring a delicious chocolate treat in the front seat. (Hey that rhymes)
  • I love to buy body butter and use it more like regular body lotion. These are expensive and are more to be used in sparing manner on extremely dry spots. However I lather up with them and enjoy having the really thick application. (Silly I know)
  • Having fresh flowers in my home. I love them, they look beautiful and they smell wonderful.
  • Although I have short hair and could use pretty much anything in it and achieve my desired look. I use Bed Head Manipulator, it is by far the best and it really smells awesome.
  • I love to read People Mag and occasionally watch ET or The Insider to catch up on my celeb dish.
These are just a few of my guilty pleasures. What are yours?


SharonB said...

guilty pleasures-
here goes
-A cold, cold, can of diet cherry coke-almost frozen
-looking at myspace at work
-People Magazine (doesn't everyone do this)
-Watching "the soup" on Friday nights

Megan said...

I buy a donut on the way home from grocery shopping, but my kids have caught on, so we all enjoy a little pleasure. I love a nice, diet coke, from the fountain. I REALLY love a good afternoon nap.

Jan said...

After Ed falls asleep, I will often crawl out of bed and take in an early morning movie. I love the quiet of the night.

Lindsay said...

Guilty pleasures:

ice cream after my kids are in bed
a nice nap
a couple of my TV shows

debsters said...

That's funny that everyone is admitting to People mag. I can't wait to get my hands on my sister-in-laws when I go over there.
I love home decorating magazines, but they sit there unread. I love to see a stack of them sitting there.
A big mouthful of milk chocolate after lunch. Even if I have a treat that isn't chocolaty, I have to still have some chocolate to feel satisfied.
My mom comes over and cleans my house. Vacuuming, laundry, etc. I feel terribly guilty, but she enjoys it so I live with it :)

Heather said...

a nap
a nap
a nap
the list will change after October... but for now that's all I want.

PRP said...

I'm with Debie, I always want a bite of chocolate after a meal. And I love People mag, of course. Ice cold Dr. Pepper. Someone rubbing my feet.

Becca said...

Let's see -- brownie mix - with the other ingredients added, but not cooked yet. I'm addicted to Craig's List furniture postings, but only those with pictures. Macaroni salad - only my homemade stuff will do, and I could eat it for 3 meals a day for weeks on end.

Movie Queen said...

I think everyone knows what my guilty pleasures are. No secrets here.

All things celebrity (People, TMX)
I rarely do this, but I LOVE dessert for breakfast.
Daily naps. Long ones.
Laying in bed for hours on end reading a book I can't put down.

This was such a fun post! (I always hide snacks I'm eating from my kids.)

Tharker said...

My mom used to hide Ding Dongs in her closet and I always thought it was so mean that she wouldn't share them with us. that I'm the mom, I totally get why she did it!

I love to have an evening treat after the kids are in bed. I love People too. I really, really love a nice stack of Double Stuff Oreos and a fat glass of milk. Mmmmm!