Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Going Green

I have been particularly fascinated with going green this year as one of my new years resolutions I promised to be more eco-friendly. As a family we have begun to recycle as much as possible. We recycle glass, boxes, paper, brown grocery sacks and milk jugs. Yes, I know this is really not that much but it makes me feel just a little better. I have been hunting for other quick and user friendly ways to be more "green" and was thrilled when I saw this post by tiff. I am excited to try these new products and can't wait to add this to my "green" list.
Yesterday, while shopping at Walmart I found some great "green" tee's. They are made off 100% organic cotton and help support farmers who are trying to turn their farms into more eco-friendly ones. The tee's have cute sayings. My boys are sporting ones that say "MINE!" and there is a picture of the earth under it. Cute!
I am also glad that this month my Stake will be helping to clean up a major part of Richland for earth day (Earthday is April 22). I love this great website that helps you find small ways to be more "green" and to help participate in Earthday events. Check it out it's really fun!
So I will close by saying that by no means am I trying to be "Brad and Angelina" but I am trying to do my part. Even if that is rather small.
Happy "Green"


Shayla said...

You're doing more than we are, that's for sure. I'm definitely going to check out those "green" cleaning products, for sure. Those green tee's from Wal-mart sound too cute, I'll have to check them out too. Thanks for the links and motivation to do a little more.

debsters said...

I am really, really bad at this. I'm inspired, thanks. It only takes a little bit from everyone to make a real difference.

Movie Queen said...

Aw, everyone can be a little bit more like Brad and Angelina! I need to be better at this, too.

Jan said...

Way to go Sara. I need motivation as well. Thanks.

SharonB said...

So excited to find your blog through facebook. You should check ours out at www.runninggreennomads.blogspot.com
I too have been striving to be more "green." Have you been introduced to reusable grocery sacks. There are great and easy to find. Target, Albertsons and Smiths all sell them. So good to see your beautiful family.
Sharon Ockey Beecroft