Monday, March 10, 2008


I read about this amazing challenge "Free therapy" is the word that has been used to describe it. I am up for the challenge I think?

Five things I love about her:
  1. I love my birth mark (It is unusual yet so beautiful to me)
  2. My chocolate eyes
  3. She is much stronger then she ever gives her self credit for
  4. I look so much like my Dad and that means he is always with me
  5. My full lips


Heather said...

Very beautiful! I love that picture of you.

I saw April today, it was nice to see a familiar face.

Tharker said...

You are gorgeous!

I'm so glad that you took up the challenge. Your chocolate eyes are beautiful indeed Sara.

Tharker said...

Oh yeah. You should also mention your hair. I have always LOVED your hair!

Jan said...

I was moved Sara. I love how you included your father in your image. You are a beautiful girl. You birthmark is an angel kiss as I was taught. I love it on you too. I miss you but am so glad to read about you and your goings on.
Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

I love love love you hair. If I could cut my hair (and not have it frizz) I would ask for "the sara" hair cut. I love your meme. I need to find some time to do one :)

document said...

5 Things I Love About Her:

1 - She's devastatingly intelligent
2 - She's spiritual
3 - She's beautiful
4 - She's fun and joyful
5 - She's caring

Bonus #6 - She's _very_ photogenic


Movie Queen said...

That picture of you is amazing! You do look gorgeous! I have to say I love your birthmark too. I was looking at it Saturday night and thinking how awesome it was, shaped like a heart but sort of jagged. So cool.

Mom Ockey said...

The list is way too long of things I love about you, but this is great that you made a list yourself. We should all do that.