Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Blues

DARN! I all ready have the Christmas blues. I went to bed last night feeling no where near in the Christmas spirit. I was exhausted (as I am every day since the birth of my first child), cranky and just plain grumpy. I have been dreading the fast approaching weekend which brings ever closer the annual Spencer Family Christmas Party. This event turns into some where between a Norman Rockwell picture and the Griswold family Christmas. I thought I should quickly get out of this terrible mood and enjoy the last few days before Christmas, so to do that I thought I would write down all the fun things I love about Christmas........... so here goes.

  1. Decorating the house (mostly just inside, John handles the outside)
  2. 97.5 the Christmas channel for the constant stream of holiday tunes
  3. Wearing obnoxious holiday socks
  4. Attempting to make, bake and decorate two dozen sugar cookie with a two year old as your personal pastry chef
  5. The wonderful holiday treats that fill my counters and my waist line
  6. Candles burning that are labeled "Scents of Christmas" so that at least you can pretend you have a real tree, and you have been baking all day long
  7. Wrapping presents and hearing the adorable sounds of "oh wow, mommy" from George as he see the bows and glittery paper
  8. Jack wearing a baby Santa Hat and every on looker commenting on how adorable he is
  9. Snow! (Oh, please let it snow on Christmas)
  10. Singing "Santa Baby" as John rolls his eyes
  11. Enjoying family being together
  12. Going to church on the Sunday before Christmas, all dressed up
  13. Watching the Boy's eyes when we drive by the Christmas lights of the homes in Richland that can be seen from space
  14. Giving to the needy
  15. Finding beautiful Christmas cards in the mail
  16. Reading the Christmas Story on Christmas eve
  17. Having the time off your life watching everyone else open there gifts knowing you did a great job this year
  18. Staying up late on Christmas eve, being Santa's little elves
  19. Taking so many pictures you know you will never get to scrap every one of them
  20. Counting you blessings, because you know you have so many to be great full for this time of the year
So as I sit reading my own list, my feelings have changed and well I love Christmas even with all the stress, chaos, noise!
Merry Christmas

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