Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Miss Eva

Dear Eva,

Sorry your birthday letter is a little late. This mama has been crazy busy and needed some time to spend writing you this letter. You turned three, yes three. You have amazed everyone from day one with your courage, strength and determination. Your spunky and sassy and full of life. Your such a blessing, everyone adores you and thinks your one strong girl. We celebrated your day with a mermaid party and lots of friends and family. You adore being the center of attention and you got that on your special day. Your big gift this year was getting your casts off, followed by a long bath. You loved being free to run and jump and to explore your new feet. I am so proud of you and of all the amazing things you do. You have turned your challenges into strengths and have never let them slow you done (literally).
Never forget your inner strength and fighting spirit. Meet your struggles head on and never let anything stop you. I love you so much. Your my mini me. Thanks for letting me see the world each day through your eyes. I am one lucky mommy.



sue said...

I love that strong little girl so much.

Yo Yo Bear said...

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